Are your kids making you Psycho? Maybe they are Psychic?!

As many of you know, my kid behaviors can lead to my Mommy Meltdowns! I usually attribute them to typical kid stuff, I have never thought it could be this…

Liz Throp is a very talented psychic medium in the Niagara region, host of The Gifted Onez on GIANT TV and has a group called Psychic Kids United. Over the last number of years Liz has become a good friend and has guided me, at times, through this journey of parenthood with her insight into my kids behaviors. So, if your kids are acting like jerks and driving you mad, tune in to hear Liz’s take on this…

Liz Throp website
Liz Throp The Gifted Ones Podcast
Psychic Kids United Facebook Page

Giant TV: