Marybeth Haines’ passion lies in making a difference for animals and their gifts to humanity. She advocates on behalf of the “language” they speak.

Since 2012, Marybeth been working professionally with animals and the humans who love them and has been recognized as a highly regarded animal communicator, pet bereavement grief specialist, ordained minister, international author and speaker.

Being an author of 3 published books, Marybeth was inspired to write her first book; The Power of Pets after the loss of her beloved cat Kitty. Our beloved pets communicate with us in many ways, and always with love and it has been Marybeth’s intention to help others in the healing that is needed after a loved one has passed away.

Marybeth doesn’t just communicate with animals, she also helps YOU learn how to communicate with the animals in your life and understand each other better. She also teaches a healing modality called Aqualead that is a wonderful companion for anyone
who wants to deepen their relationship with these beautiful sentient beings we call family, friends and so much more!

Marybeth is very excited to be here today and looks forward to sharing with you all the many gifts animals have to share as our teachers, guides and confidants.

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Phone: 905-931-5159

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