Santa arrived early for some kids and Niagara. Join us as we experience a day of giving with the Niagara Conservatory of music.
We’re are extremely grateful to Greg at the Niagara Conservatory of
Music for including us while venturing off on their 5th annual day of

Students along with Santa, Tim Hicks, Angela & Rob from Giant TV…took a limo bus filled with instruments and headed to 3 St. Catherines schools…E.I. McCulley Public Elementary, Prince Of Wales Public Elementary, and St. Theresa Catholic Elementary. We enjoyed Greg’s homemade pizza, the giving of musical instruments. It was a thrill to see how they present the school with the musical instruments and howthe kids faces light up when they see Santa, add to that an unplugged group along with Tim Hicks perform a couple of songs and it becomes a magical feel good experience.

We also surprised The Brick family and Tavis with a new guitar and some accessories.

It’s giving the gift of music that makes us smile! Cheers to Greg and the Niagara Conservatory of Music for the wonderful experience!

Niagara Conservatory of Music
23 Centre Street, St. Catharines, L2R 3A8
(905) 688-5051 business (905) 708-5051 cell

Giant TV: