Susan Winning is a psychic medium. Susan relays messages that are filled with love, healing and often, humour. She has all the faith in spirit and knows that they give very empowering messages to the people that need it when they need it. She did training at the Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale, New York, the world’s largest spiritual community. Susan has enjoyed reading Tarot Cards for over 25+ years and has taught others so they can follow their path with the Tarot. Susan has also enhanced her mediumship gift by taking courses from several mediums in the Niagara Region. Susan has also studied with UK medium Philip Dykes, doing training on Platform Mediumship. Susan is now on a journey of 3 years with Andrew Byng on “Sitting in the Power of Spirit.” Susan is partnered with Louise Michaud, and they are “Souls Sisters.” Souls Sisters holds a monthly meditation circle at the Dunlop Community Centre the 2nd Wednesday of the month, with a variety of venues. At our circle we also have 3 All Message Evenings, where we bring in guest mediums and relay messages, platform style, to the audience. Souls Sisters also puts on two Psychic and Wellness events in the spring and fall at Heartland forest. September 21st is the fall show for 2019. We have many readers, healers and vendors with natural products and handcrafts.
Phone: 905-704-1861
Facebook: Susan Winning

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